Download our brochures below for more info on the festival programmes:


  • Workshops

    Learn from local experts in a range of fields, like Beekeeping, Permaculture and Biomimicry.

  • Tree Planting

    Get your hands dirty planting trees, turning soil, and digging. Many spaces in the area need regeneration and we hope to make a good start!

  • Alien Vegetation Clearing

    Join us in this much-needed activation to help stop the further spread of alien vegetation after more seeds germinated in the fires.

  • Eco-Education

    At local schools, we plant indigenous and fruit trees, teach young students about the value of caring for our beautiful planet and do big school clean ups.

  • Environmental Art

    Join these interactive, environmental mural painting projects at local schools or community centres. Bring some colour and creativity.

  • Eco-Enterprise

    Engage in ideas around environmentally appropriate enterprise opportunities and ideas that have a positive impact for people, profit and the planet.

  • Natural Building

    Get practical skills on building using natural and upcycled materials. Learn the basic principles for building with low environmental footprints.

  • Nature Immersion

    Spending time in nature is proven to have healing properties. Get your walking shoes on and join a guided hike/walk in the beautiful Knysna forests.

  • Other Activities

    Yoga sessions, meditation, upcycling, sustainability workshops and all sorts of fun!