Download our brochures below for more info on the festival programmes:


  • Workshops

    Learn from experts in a range of fields such as Off Grid Living, Permaculture, Herbalism, Bee-Keeping and a Plant-Based Diet.

  • Tree Planting

    Get your hand’s dirty planting trees, turning the soil, and digging. Many spaces in the area need regeneration. We will be planting at the George Botanical Gardens, Heartland School of Self-Sufficiency, Raphaeli Waldorf windbreak and some local schools!

  • Alien Vegetation Clearing

    Join us in this much-needed activation to help stop the further spread of alien vegetation after more seeds germinated in the fires.

  • Eco-Education

    At local schools, we plant indigenous and fruit trees, teach young students about the value of caring for our beautiful planet and do big school clean ups.

  • Art & Music

    Connect with artists from Southern Africa regions to stimulate and develop African creativity, artist mobility and exchange of ideas, use art to visually and materially translate the abstract discourse of climate change and environmental issues, engage in dialogue and inclusivity around local environmental issues, be a part of opportunities for the connecting, networking and greater understanding and compassion across African borders, break down barriers and foster cross­-disciplinary action, use art to facilitate environmental considerations in urban development.

  • Reforestation

    Contribute to increasing local biodiversity and ecosystem services in the project sites, grow your awareness about reforestation and the need for indigenous trees globally, connect with the planet and one another through tree-planting and interacting with restoring nature

  • Eco-Enterprise

    Engage in ideas around environmentally appropriate enterprise opportunities and ideas that have a positive impact for people, profit and the planet.

  • Natural Building

    Get practical skills in building using natural and upcycled materials. Learn the basic principles for building with low environmental footprints. We will be making eco-brick benches and modular furniture.

  • Urban Greening

    Brighten up schools with murals, upcycled benches and trees, work with the local community to take pride in their natural and built environment.  Urban greening improves pride of place in communities, provides avenues for employment and skills build and has been linked to positive relationship building.

  • Nature Immersion

    Spending time in nature is proven to have healing properties. Get your walking shoes on and join a guided hike/walk in the beautiful forests of the Garden Route.

  • Other Activities

    Yoga sessions, meditation, upcycling, sustainability workshops and all sorts of fun!