Youth Week 4- 11 July 2021

Our Youth Programme is an eco adventure for budding leaders and active citizens between the ages of 13 and 19 who believe that the future is in our hands. We learn, get active and have loads of fun!

With over 10 years of experience hosting educational events, we employ facilitators and teachers who have vast experience and a passion for educating young adults. 

Join as a group, or as an individual.


High school students can attend the Festival of Action as an individual. Students are fully supervised during the festival by Greenpop’s well trained and experienced facilitators. Parents are updated regularly via a parent Whatsapp group.

School Group

Students can also attend the Festival of Action in a school group. For every 5 students that attend, we offer a free space for a teacher or chaperone.


How you can gain your President’s Award at the

Eden Festival of Action

Gold Level Residential Project Fulfillment:

Setting should be residential – Applicants stay at the Greenpop Village, which is situated just outside of Knysna.

Shared purposeful activity – The purpose of the Festival of Action fulfills B) service to other people and communities and D) Environment and Conservation Projects.

Undertake the activity with unfamiliar companions – People from across South Africa and the world join the Festival.

Needs to take place in an unfamiliar setting The event takes place in the Garden Route.

Needs to take place over 4 nights and 5 consecutive days – Participants can join for 1 or 2 weeks

Activity needs to be verified by an activity coach or supervising adult – We have a large team of staff members, field experts and facilitators to provide written comment.