After such a long time apart, the coming together of like-minded active citizens with the common goal of restoring land (and self) was spectacular.

The Eden Festival of Action 2021 saw hands getting dirty in practical ecosystem restoration work, coupled with expansive conversations that left participants inspired to take action.

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Together, we made real impact:

  • Over 140 activists, team, facilitators and guest speakers came together to dream, discuss and make change happen!
  • 1000 trees were planted
  • 3300 plant-based meals were served 
  • 100+m2 Alien black wattle vegetation was cleared by hand
  • 2 collaborative environmental murals were painted by volunteers and artists Wayne Beukes and Mernette Swartz with BazArt which are being turned into a global VR interactive museum experience – watch this space
  • 10,000m2 was surveyed and cleaned in a beach clean-up focusing on nurdles and micro plastics in collaboration with CapeNature, Nature’s Valley Trust, and Save a Fishie
  • Over 25 sponsored participants joined the event from around South Africa
  • Over 45 talks, workshops, and activities were hosted by some amazing experts

The blossoming nature of Spring in the Tsitsikamma National Forest, the picturesque beaches of Nature’s Valley, and the celebratory nights of dance and music glued the event together seamlessly.

Participants left energized to take action; be it by allocating more time to ecosystem restoration projects like tree-planting, beach clean-ups or wetland conservation; by studying further the topics they felt particularly stimulated by such as biomimicry, regenerative agriculture, or mycology; or by simply reducing their consumption of single-use plastics or meat.

We are a part of a growing, global, green movement. In line with the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, we aim to create a new culture of restoration, and collectively we can make a difference. 

Thank you to all of the participants, facilitators, partners and team in co-creating this remarkable event!


Take part in expertly facilitated workshops, look here for more information.


Learn and apply permacutlure design principles, sustainable beekeeping and more


Plant 1000s of trees, learn about the magic of soils and ecological cycles, mimic nature in regenerating landscapes


Help build at under-resourced sites with natural methods to uplift spaces and spread awareness about waste management.


Join these interactive, environmental mural painting projects at local schools or community centres. Bring some colour and creativity.

Get active, not anxious.

Read what people have said about their experience

“The people that gathered at this event opened my eyes to the possibility of beauty in the human race. I also learned that there is much more to planting a tree than just placing it in the ground. I learned that we can work together with the earth, and that I don’t have to be alone to do anything worthwhile. I met so many people that were following their dreams and making things happen!”

KellySouth Africa

“The biggest lesson I learnt is that what we do today has an incredible impact on our tomorrow, whether we see it right away or not. I have learned to take few extra minutes before making a decision to think about the impact that my decision will have on my tomorrow.”

StevenSouth Africa

“My daughter loved meeting the locals and she loved the team. She had never been out of Cape Town before and to do this by herself, especially the airport transfers, was amazing. Thank you for taking care of my child.”

BeverlyParent of Youth Week attendee, South Africa

“The whole experience helped me to realize that there are many other things to do in life besides the usual 9-5 office work. It pushed me to look out of my own ‘world’ and see things that really matter in the world. I believe this experience enriched me in many ways.”


“This was the most incredible week of my life so far! I can’t really put into words how amazing and eye opening this experience was, and how the ideas and feelings I had will stay with me forever. I learned one sometimes has to step out of their comfort zone to start believing in the good in people and to meet like-minded souls.”


“My son came back completely dedicated to doing his part in saving the planet! I don’t see any of his enthusiasm fading, as a matter of fact, he seems to be gaining momentum.  This is fantastic to watch!”

CaraParent of Youth Week attendee, South Africa

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